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Quarter 4 Round-up

Let me tell you my favourite thing about December – it’s not warm fires, cinnamon lattes, glittering frosts, or even the spirit of Christmas. No. My favourite thing about December is knowing that as this year comes to an end a new year is on the horizon bursting with opportunities. January is a blank page just waiting for the first chapter of a new story to be written, and for Outbound Solutions it promises to be our most exciting chapter yet.

…But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Before leaping forward to 2017 let me tell you what an incredible grand finale we’ve had in 2016. Our final quarter has been mind-blowingly successful, we’ve put our clients in front of some huge names including Unilever, Tesco, Travis Perkins, Betfred, Transport for London, Starbucks, Waitrose, Carlsberg, BP, and Soap and Glory to name a handful. December in particular has been busy, busy, busy! There couldn’t be a better time to arrange meetings for the new year and form great new partnerships for 2017.

After such an incredible year it seemed only right that we celebrate our success in style and finish with a bang - what better way than with the office Christmas party? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a group of competitive sales professionals stuffed full of nachos, chicken wings, and burgers attempting to bowl without a shred of skill between the lot of them, but let me assure you that it’s as entertaining as it sounds. Paul bowled the first strike halfway through the game and was a favourite to win, but at the last possible moment newbie Karl snatched a victory from the jaws of defeat and was crowned Outbound Solutions bowling champion of the year. What Paul did win, however, was our respect in the karaoke booth later that evening. That man can sing!

Since October we’ve added two bright new recruits to our Outbound family. The first newcomer is aforementioned bowling king, Karl, who was born In Ireland and grew up here in England. He has eight years of sales experience, including a stint in Australia where he worked for an electricity company as a sales rep and managed his own lead generation team. He’s a movie buff with a love of chess, football, travelling, performing arts, and settling down on a winter’s evening with a good book. Louie is our newest team member – he has two years of previous sales experience, and with his friendly, enthusiastic pitching style bringing him on board was a no-brainer. Louie enjoys winding down with a good computer game, loves his football (both watching and playing) and is a qualified scuba diver.

So looking forward to 2017 it’s certainly going to be a big year for us. January is always our busiest time; businesses are looking at the months ahead and putting new strategies in place to grow and improve, new budgets are being released, and everyone is looking to move ahead with purposeful strides. But no business is an island, we can’t thrive when isolated from others, so that’s why it’s so wonderful that a multitude of support is available to help companies flourish. Our clients, who are design agencies, ecommerce, brand, software, healthcare, digital consultancies, and pension firms all have relevant services to offer and we love nothing more than to matchmake!

We’re welcoming aboard several new clients to the Outbound train in January and can’t wait to show them just how valuable an asset we can be to their growth. Immersing ourselves in a new client’s business and helping them to achieve their full potential is what it’s all about for us, so we’re eager to get stuck in! In the meantime we’re taking a well earned break over the Christmas period to recharge our batteries so we’ll be raring to go come 2017.

Without further ado we wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a fabulous New Year from us to you.

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