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Challenges, Triumphs, and Opportunities

It’s certainly been an interesting few months for us here at Outbound Solutions, we’ve faced new challenges, taken on some incredible clients, arranged business opportunities for them with some huge companies, and even expanded our team....

July threatened to be a little testing for us, as it did for many businesses amid the uncertainty of a post-Brexit market, but never let it be said that we at Outbound don’t love a challenge. While it’s true that many businesses were anxious about investing in new services while the market seemed so unsettled, we weren’t put off. As it turned out our perseverance paid off and, despite any obstacles thrown in our path, we had a fantastic month. Not only did we secure some brilliant business opportunities for our clients, but we also started working with two brand new clients who put their faith in our B2B expertise and very quickly started to reap the rewards. For one of our new clients we booked an incredible six business opportunities in just eight days!

For any company August can be a difficult time for new business. The main reason for this? Holidays. It’s the time of year when everyone seems to be on their annual leave and taking a well-earned break, whether that’s a week on the Cornish coast or a fortnight in Florida with the family. This can make getting hold of decision makers tricky. However, that’s not to say that August should ever be written off, a little determination can go a long way and, wow, did our determination pay off! The whole team here exceeded monthly targets and together we secured new business opportunities with some huge names: Boots, Carlsberg, City University London, and Unicef, just to name a handful. This just goes to show that a dedicated team of sales professionals should never be underestimated at any time of the year. There’s no bad sales month, not with the right attitude.

So looking ahead for September; we’re one week in and have some really exciting things in the pipeline already. As our reputation grows so does our client list (we must be doing something right!) and this is the month of opportunity. Many businesses are getting their new budgets and are ready to spend them to ensure they’re at their best for 2017, strategies are being reviewed, and this, of course, means rich pickings for business development. We’ve already got our teeth well and truly stuck into September and we’re thoroughly looking forward to the new opportunities the year ahead will bring.

With success naturally comes growth, so we’re over the moon to now officially welcome two fantastic new Business Development Managers to our team. Being recruited to Outbound Solutions is no easy feat, we want only the best of the best, so a huge congratulations to Davina and Natalie and it’s with great pleasure that we welcome you both to the family!

Davina has worked in sales for over four years. She worked for her university's key fund raising money for their leisure and extra-curricular projects, she’s worked in higher education marketing with an American institution in Atlanta, and she also worked in recruitment for the access and outreach department at Keele University. Davina is a keen baker (and a talented one too if the treats she brings into the office are anything to go by!), she speaks seven languages, and she also volunteers for a number of charities including Oxfam, The British Heart Foundation, and Muslim Aid.

Natalie has eleven years’ sales experience, she went straight into sales from the moment she left school and is a sales professional through and through. She’s worked in advertising and also has experience selling websites. We’re pretty sure Natalie could sell ice to Eskimos! Her number one passion is music and she’s a huge fan of Queen.

In our line of work there’s never a ‘business as usual’, there’ll always be new challenges, new opportunities, and no day is ever quite the same - but we really wouldn’t have it any other way. From the newly expanded team at Outbound Solutions we wish you a happy and succesfful September. We’re here all year around to cater to all of your B2B needs, so why not pop by and say hello on our Twitter and Facebook pages, or give us a call.

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