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We're in it together:
if you’re happy,
we’re happy.

The new pitches you win, the contracts you are awarded and the successful partnerships we help you create, mean great results for everyone.

We’re always incredibly proud to be part of that and have been since we started growing businesses in 2009.

We've developed our sales process and refined a robust methodology – this is an integral part of our clients' success. Testament to this, we still work with our first client from 2009.

We take the time to understand your business, your marketplace, the customers you would love to have - and then we find them for you.

Our specialist team has over 100 years' combined

experience in researching and securing quality new

business leads for clients in B2B product and service businesses,

across a variety of markets and sectors.

We generate quality leads for you and then nurture those prospects, transforming them into real opportunities for you to engage with the key decision makers who - crucially - are ready to meet you.

We can help you reignite your existing pipeline,

or launch you into new market sectors, creating quality sales appointments and cultivating

purposeful relationships.

But we don't stop there.

We go beyond that first quality introduction, driving your

sales process and supporting your team and your

business as you break new ground.

“With over 20 years in sales, I’ve worked in a number of sectors including FMCG, Telecoms and Media. I started Outbound Solutions in 2009, after my own experiences working with other business development agencies. I realised there was a real need for a personalised, tailored, and targeted approach to appointment setting. Over the years I’ve worked with many different types of sales people and seen many different approaches to selling. The most successful people always embrace a process and are great conversationalists. The art of speaking with people in a friendly and professional manner is a huge skill. I always look for this in our sales people and firmly believe combing solid processes, good sales technique, and most importantly, enthusiastic sales people, is the most lucrative way to help our clients grow their businesses.“

Simon Worden, CEO

Photo of CEO <p>Simon Worden, CEO </p>